Australian – Asian Agricultural Exports Pty Ltd (AAAX) is a Western Australian company comprising experienced agricultural professionals, Australian corporate managers and a large network of international associates.

The strategy of AAAX is to focus on and promote agricultural products in which Australia leads the world in supply and product quality. This will be achieved by engaging local farming professionals a local management team and a network of customers globally.

Our Vision

To establish a viable and successful international company by bringing together the finest agricultural professionals to create a unique modern agricultural networked organisation that can source, market and supply quality Australian agricultural products to the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to source quality Australian agricultural products and export to global markets.

Provide quality products that match the standards, expectations and regional requirements of our customers.

Leverage the existing wide network of global relationships to increase market size and product diversity.

Our Values

To conduct business with integrity and the highest level of business accountability in a truly professional and ethical manner.

Nurture a corporate culture based on a mutual respect between suppliers and consumers and develop a business model that will reward all stakeholders equitably.

Recognise and empathise with agricultural producers and consumers in regards to supply problems and develop methodologies to minimise disruption to supply chain processes.

Encourage innovation and continuous improvement and reward individuals or stakeholder groups for excellence and initiative in the workplace.

To fully comply with all local and international regulatory and licensing requirements.