Australian-Asian Agricultural Exports (AAAX) Pty Ltd have a range of consultants with technical, financial, legal and many years of practical experience in the disciplines of Farm Acquisitions, related Due Diligence Studies and Operational Practical farm Management.

Purchasing/Leasing Australian Farmland

Our Team can assist with the following farmland acquisition procedures

–  Strategic Business Planning
–  Financial Feasibility
–  Physical Production Options
–  Property Management
–  Supervision of Owned/Leased Properties for Absentee Landlords

Farm Acquisition Due Diligence

Supervision of Owned/Leased Properties for Absentee Landlords

For overseas investors wishing to purchase land within Australia, AAAX has a range of consultants available to conduct due diligence analysis on farmland prior to final confirmation to purchase. This includes the following services:

–  Ownership Validation
–  Crop Variety Suitability
–   Soil Reports
–   Risk Analysis

Operational Farm Management

Australian-Asian Agricultural Exports (AAAX) Pty Ltd currently have several highly experienced and qualified farming consultants and farm managers operating within Western Australia.

Farm management consulting including full control and practical management of properties for absentee landlords. This also includes formulating and implementing strategies for increased productivity and profit. This incorporates the roles of facilitator, financial controller, farm planner and trouble shooter for rural family businesses and corporately owned properties. In detail the services offered are as follows:

Budget Preparation

–  Cash-flow practical working management options for current period and beyond including worksheets and statement of position.
–   Bank reviews and Business Health
–   Applications for finance and options.

Technical Advice

–   Seasonal farming strategies.
–   Cropping pasture rotations.
–   Productivity improvements.
–   Livestock and wool sale strategies.
–   Wool classing

Farm Management and Farm Analysis

–  Property management and supervision of owned properties.
–  Property management and supervision of leased properties for absentee Landlords.